Saturday, September 19, 2015

Vettel wins Pole at Singapore F1 Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel wins Pole at Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2015

The Singapore F1 Grand Prix was a very interesting qualifying event as for the first time this season, the Mercedes cars were not dominating. Sebastian Vettel won the pole position with a stunning time of 1m 43.885 seconds. His former teammate Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull qualified on second with a time of 1m 44.428seconds. Kimi Raikkonen of Ferarri came third with a time of 1m 44.667 seconds.

Daniel Kvyat of Red Bull was 4th with a time of 1m 44.745seconds. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes could only score 1m 45.300 seconds in his second run in Q3 as he ran wide during his first run and aborted the first run. His teammate Nico Rosberg of Mercedes came in 6th with a time of 1m 45. 415seconds. Valtteri Bottas of Williams will start on the 4th row tomorrow as he qualified at P7 with a time of 1m 45.676. He was followed by Verstappen of Toro Rosso with a time of 1m 45.798seconds.

Felipe Massa of Williams and Romain Grosjean of Lotus came in 9th and 10th respectively.

The Ferrari and the Red Bull cars and Verstappen were on the new supersoft tyres for the final run in Q3. All others were on used super soft tyres.

Did any one think that a McLaren can be ahead of a Mercedes. Precisely that had happened in the Q1 of the Formula One qualifying at Singapore Grand Prix.

During the Q1 where the drivers scramble to set their times in a 18 minute long session and the best 13 qualify for the second stage, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso were ahead of Lewis Hamilton at one stage.

This forced Hamilton, who was in 14th, to go for another run with supersoft tyres to score a 1m 45.765 seconds and that lifted him to provisional P2 and helped qualify for Q2. Ofcourse when the drivers went for their second laps in the Q1, Jenson Button had gone down and could barely manage getting relegated as he scored a P15 in the Q1 and the difference between him and 16th placed Felipe Nasr with 1m 46.965 was a measly 0.074 seconds.

In the Q2 of the Qualifying, every driver choose supersoft tyres. Carlos Sainz hit the wall and brought out a Yellow flag when the drivers were trying to scramble through in the dying seconds of Q2. So the drivers who were in the 11th to 15th in the previous run just couldn't complete their laps. So Nico Hulkenberg was 11th. Fernando Alonso of McLaren will start alongside him in the sixth row tomorrow as he qualified in 12th position. Sergio Perez of Force India was 13th, Carlos Sainz of Toro Rosso was 14th and Jenson Button of McLaren will start on 15th.

Before this qualifying it was expected that Lewis Hamilton will match the record of most consecutive pole positions of Aryton Senna and also will win the race and match Senna's record of 41 race victories. However, Hamilton coming 5th in the qualifying resulted in that dream going sour.

Singapore F1 Qualifying 2015

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