Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sebastian Vettel wins Abu Dhabi 2013 F1 Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel win’s his 7th consecutive Grand Prix

It was another dominant performance by Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull who started from second position but could easily take the lead in the first lap.

Mark Webber was about half a second slower than his teammate and finished second. Mark Webber was heard complaining over radio about his Kers. Pat came the reply “It’s a bit empty at the moment, we will charge it”. The team knew that Webber’s KERS is empty, however they waited for him to inform that KERS is not working. Without KERS, it was clear that Webber had a slow start and Vettel could easily overtake him.

This year has been pretty bad for Webber as his car has consistently failed in most of the races. In hindsight, he may regret deciding to driving this year again with Red Bull after so much of bad blood between him and Red Bull as his teammate Vettel was the preferred driver in Red Bull.

Nico Rosberg of Mercedes who had started in third position appeared to snatch the second position. However, he finished 2.8 seconds behind Mark Webber. Romain Grosjean of Lotus finished in fourth position 1.1 seconds behind Rosberg.

Fernando Alonso finished a further 32.1 seconds behind Grosjean and in 5th position. Alonso was a massive 67.1 seconds behind the winner Vettel. One can gauge how far the Ferrari has fallen behind Red Bull. So it was no wonder that Alonso couldn’t compete for the world championship.

Paul di Resta brought some good news for Force India as he finished 10.9 seconds behind Alonso and finished in 6th position. He made a one stop strategy work for him and came home in 6th position.

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes who had a problem in his car during qualifying could only finish in 7th position ahead of Felipe Massa in 8th.

Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus was earlier excluded from the qualifying results as the stewards deemed his car floor to flex beyond the permissible limit. Lotus though argued that the floor of Raikkonnen’s car was flexing more because the car hit a kerb, however, those arguments didn’t cut any ice with the stewards. Accordingly, Raikkonen was sent back to the field. However, Raikkonen immediately stopped after starting the race as he appeared to have hit the back of a caterham car and damaged his car. Given that Kimi Raikkonen hasn’t been paid a single euro by Lotus, and has threatened to stop driving the remaining three races, Abu Dhabi race may be the last time Kimi is driving this season.

Abu Dhabi 2013 F1 Results

1. Sebastian Vettel    Red Bull
2. Mark Webber        Red Bull
3. Nico Rosberg          Mercedes
4. Romain Grosjean   Lotus
5. Fernando Alonso   Ferrari
6. Paul di Resta          Force India
7. Lewis Hamilton      Mercedes
8. Felipe Massa          Ferrari
9. Sergio Perez           McLaren
10. Adrian Sutil         Force India
11. P. Maldonado      Williams
12. Jenson Button     McLaren
13. E. Gutierrez          Sauber
14. N. Hulkenberg     Sauber
15. V. Bottas               Williams
16. D. Ricciardo          Toro Rosso
17. J. Vergne              Toro Rosso
18. G. van der Garde Caterham
19. Charles Pic           Caterham
20. Jules Bianchi        Marussia
21. Max Chilton         Marussia

Retirements in Abu Dhabi 2013

Kimi Raikkonen         Lotus

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