Friday, August 31, 2012

Schumi says 300 is a beautiful side effect

Michael Schumacher's 300th Race at Spa in Belgium 2012

Michael Schumacher becomes the second F1 driver to drive 300 races. A career lasting 20 years with 7 Formula One World Championship titles and 91 race wins, he is a living legend. He had started his F1 race career in Spa and had immediately shown his calibre. Apart from starting his career in Spa, he had his first race victory, the 7th title was also assured in Spa.

Last year during the 2011 Belgian F1 Grand Prix at Spa, he drove a storming race from the back of the grid to finish 5th and further enhanced his reputation. Recognising his special affinity to Spa, this year they have made Michael Schumacher a honorary citizen of Spa. Reacting to this Michael Schumacher said "I always called it my living room - Now I can officially call it my living room It is good."

Reacting to the 300 milestone Michael said "It is certainly an interesting, beautiful, nice number to be around. A number that I didn't think about, that I would do that, at the time that I retired at the end of 2006. And now here we are and I'am counting the 300.....It isn't anything that I'am challenging or looking for to have just a number on my board but being the 300, yeah it's a beautiful side-effect."

This is a great learning for people. If you are passionate, then these milestones will happen. These milestones are by products of your passion and perseverance. The world talks about the numbers, however, the true passionate individual that Schumacher is, he has very nicely summed it up. Truly, every body can learn a big lesson and pursue their passion with dedication, certainly beautiful side-effects will be a reality.

Wish Michael Schumacher all the best for his 300th Race.

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