Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Indian Drivers for Sahara Force India

Sahara group has bought 42.5% stake in the Vijay Mallya controlled Force India Formula 1 team. However, as I had thought, Vijay Mallya has again reiterated that he will not take Narain and Karun in the team.

He has continued to harm Narain and Karun by his statements. Dr. Mallya said that the current Indian drivers don't suit him. Now his partner, Subrata Roy of Sahara group, who has been designated the Chairman of Sahara Force India team, has said "We would love to have an Indian driver, but we have to wait for some more time. We should produce world class drivers so that they can even go to other teams".

Unfortunately, Subrata Roy and Vijay Mallya claim to know more than triple world champion Nicki Lauda who has said that Narain and Karun are talented drivers and need more track time.

Similarly Johny Herbert while speaking to Hindustan Time had also said "Just look at Karun and Narain. They don't get any tracktime and then they are expected to get in the car and be fast. It doesn't work like that". So the Sahara Force India owners feel that they know more than Nicki Lauda and Johny Herbert. What a tragedy!
Narain Karthikeyan was the first Indian driver to drive in Formula 1 when he made his debut in 2005. He has proved himself by being the first off the blocks in the inaugural race that year in Melbourne. He also had the seventh fastest laptime in Imola in 2005 driving a lowly Jordan. Unfortunately, the current Sahara Force India owners seem to be behaving like crabs who pull down fellow crabs. Remember the Indian Crab story?

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Ashish Malhotra said...

Firang fascination is still prevalent in India. Seems they are ok paying more money to a sidee fellow rather than promoting own desi guy.
Actually, their (Mallaya / Subrata)car drivers who take them to office everyday can also do the needful on track !!!