Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Narain Needs More Track Time

In my previous post titled "Its Not Just Talent" I had said that only talent can't make you successful. You need a backer.

Nicki Lauda, who is a three time F1 champion has chimed in to say similar things. He said Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandok are talented drivers. However, they need more track time.

It should be noted that Michael Schumacher despite his phenomenal talent used to do lot of testingtill he was satisfied. When you spend more time in the car, you refine your craft. As they say, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. In Formula 1 where the speeds are so high, one needs to keep on changing gears, working on the DRS, adjusting balance etc etc all the while looking at the tiny mirrors in your car to know if any competitor is closing behind. The decision making is so fast that it becomes a part of your reflex action. So, one needs enough track time.

I hope Narain gets into a good car next season so that he can polish his craft and make the more than a billion Indians happy.

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