Sunday, May 31, 2015

Indian Grand Prix: Is there hope?

Indian Grand Prix: Is there Hope?

Formula 1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone has put the ball firmly in the court of Jaypee Group when he was asked about the future of the Indian Grand Prix. The Indian Grand Prix at the Budh International Circuit was first held in 2011 and continued for the next two years. There was supposed to be a break for a year to shift the time to the beginning of the calendar. However, it remains out of the calendar till date.

Bernie Ecclestone however said that it is upto Jaypee group to agree and revive the contract. He however cautioned that time is running out and the Jaypee Group has to revert back within the next two months.

It is known that Bernie Ecclestone demands his pound of flesh and the contract is such that the circuit owner makes very little profit, if miraculously it can make any. Bernie's recent statement is more in a technical nature to squarely put the blame on the shoulders of Jaypee Group.

Bernie Ecclestone runs F1 in a very tight fisted manner and this results in many participating teams running into losses, going bankrupt and dropping out of formula 1. However, he continues to blame the teams and people of not being able to run their business. Same thing happens with the circuit owners. We estimate that it would be a miracle to find the Indian Grand Prix in the 2016 calendar.

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