Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Lady Principal of Formula One

Formula One gets its First Woman Team Principal

Monisha Kaltenborn, an Indian by birth, is the first Lady to be a Principal of a Formula One team. In the high technology, motor racing battlefield, assuming the role of principal is not an easy job, especially when the Principal is not just for show.

Monisha Kaltenborn, 41,  has been given one third of the stake by its owner Peter Sauber.

A Sauber team statement said "we decided a long time ago that Monisha would take over from me, but we left the timing open. Now is a good time for both of us, so this is the right moment to pass on the baton. After all, there have been a number of races that I haven't been able to attend - most recently the Japanese Grand Prix, where the team put in an excellent performance."

The statement further added "I am in no doubt that Monisha has all the necessary skills to be an outstanding team principal, and I am equally certain she will ensure that the values underpinning the company live on. That is very important to me."

This is a significant event and the way she has quietly transformed the Sauber team is for all to see, as its young and erratic drivers have been in more podium positions than the Mercedes drivers in this season. Fernando Alonso, recently said about Michael Schumacher's competitiveness by saying that if Michael Schumacher had been driving Sauber's car, then he would have won three races by now. It is sad that Michael Schumacher and Sauber could not agree on a partnership next year else Schumacher would have been wining races for them.

Monisha Kaltenborn being an Indian by birth had first joined Sauber in 2000 and to run their legal department and had weaved her way upto the role of CEO in 2010. She immediately connected with sponsors in India before the inaugural Indian Grand Prix in 2011 and companies like Amul went on to sponsor them for other races as well. She will have a massive impact on Formula 1 in the years to come. All the best Manisha! India is proud of you.

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