Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Schumacher says Pirelli tyres is like driving on raw eggs

Tyre War continues

We had earlier talked about the tyre wars which started with Michael Schumacher criticising Pirelli tyres for its high degradation.

Pirelli had hit back at Michael casting aspersions on his driving ability. Many players then jumped into the fray.

Now Michael Schumacher is not taking it lying down. He has continued from where he had left earlier. While speaking to CNN, Michael Schumacher said
" I just think that they are playing a much too big effect because they are so peaky and so special that they don't put our cars or ourselves to the limit." And to further emphasise, he added "we drive like on raw eggs and I don't want to stress the tyres at all, otherwise you just overdo it and you go nowhere."

In previous years competition when no one was close to the Red Bull's car, the only variable was rain or tyre degradation and reliability of cars. In this year, the competition is much closer. So an artificial variable through tyres is not going to help.

Also, Formula 1 is expected to be at the pinnacle of technology. As consumers we expect that technology to trickle down to road cars. With such tyre degradation, we will definitely not expect our cars to have the Pirelli tyre technology. PERIOD.

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