Friday, May 4, 2012

Politics on Resource Restriction Agreement - II

Politics on Resource Restriction Agreement - II

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Look who is talking of cost reduction!

Earlier we had highlighted the politics in the Resource Restriction Agreement with Red Bull and its sister team Toro Rosso not agreeing to it.

Now, after the Mugello testing - the first in-season testing in several years - Christian Horner of Red bull has come out strongly against the in-season testing. In an interview to Autosport, Horner has said "any test time you have is useful, but whether it is the right thing for F1 to be testing in season is probably a bigger topic." He says that the the cost of in season testing is high. "If you look at the focus on cost saving, this test hasn't achieved that for any team."

"When you look at the cost of running here, we will have done three times the mileage of a grand prix weekend." Due to widespread demands, Formula 1 rules were tweaked to allow one in season testing from 2012. With Christian Horner's call for scrapping in season testing, many other Formula 1 team chiefs are clearly not amused.

Christian Horner alluding to high cost is to hit at all the other teams who had written a letter to FIA for strict policing of Resource Restriction norms. It is said that Red Bull has spent phenomenal amount of money to develop a winning car and win the F1 championship in the last two years. So this statement of Horner is to take the moral high ground of other teams and weaken the case for imposition of a budget limit for teams.

Clearly, the last word on the Resource Restriction Agreement issue is yet to be heard.

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