Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Narain Blasts Vettel calls him Cry baby

Narain and Vettel were involved in an incident in Malaysia where Vettel's rear left tyre got punctured while overtaking Narain. Stewards penalised Narain with a 20 second penalty, though many experts believed Vettel moved back too quickly. During the post race interaction with Media, Vettel had showered choicest of abuses on Narain saying he is a "cucumber" and "idiot".

Narain has blasted Vettel while talking with Hindustan Times. Narain said "For a world champion to say things like that is shameful". Calling Vettel unprofessional, Narain further added "For a driver who has achieved so much to take out his frustrations on me just because he is having a difficult year is really sad. One does not expect a professional sportsperson to be such a cry baby.

Nico Hulkenberg of Force India said that "I have seen the incident and it wasn't Narain's fault." Hulkenberg further added "It was a bad day for him. He had no points. He is emotional."

After watching the incident, it came as a surprise that Narain was penalised for the incident because Vettel had slightly moved towards Narain. The drivers of leading teams are known to try and bulldoze the drivers in slower cars. However, the stewards penalising Narain and going by the version of Vettel was surprising. Many commentators blamed Vettel for the incident and others like David Coulthard had said it is a racing incident. Narain expressing his unhappiness about the Stewards not listening to him said "They didn't care about what I had to say because Mr. Vettel told them God knows what when he went and talked to them."

The details of the incident and revised positions for Malaysia can be found here:

Sebastien Vettel showed a finger to Narain Karthikeyan after the incident.

It is shocking that past world champions can be so rude and unprofessional. This kind of action immediately invites action in sports like Cricket and Footbal. Unfortunately, in Formula 1, this is accepted.

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