Thursday, October 13, 2011

Effect of Track Time

You need Practice, Practice and Practice!

In a cricket crazy country like India, Sachin Tendulkar is like God. So it was big news when Sachin Tendulkar met Michael Schumacher. It was reported that Sachin was raving about the amazing neck muscles of Schumacher.

In Formula 1, you encounter 3G and even 4G forces while cornering the car at high speeds. So your neck muscles need to be really strong. For the normal public who are unaware about the G forces, after a journey most of them complain about neck pain. The neck pain arises when you drive down from several hours turning the car at higher speeds. For normal mortals, speeds of 100-120 kmph is high for our neck, as most of us hardly exercise.

In formula 1, drivers need to follow specific fitness regimen as well as specific exercises for neck muscles. Still when you face the real G forces while cornering the car, no amount of exercise is enough. So a driver who has been driving in Formula one for sometime and a driver who is making a come back or making his debut, the impact is different. So Narain Karthikeyan recently said that your speed doesn't go way just like that. "It is just the physical aspects of driving an F1 car: you can't just jump into and get quick. You can be on it for a lap, but to be on it for 20 laps is a different matter". Same comment has been made by three time F1 champion Nicki Lauda and Former F1 driver and steward Johny Herbert.

It would be good if Indian corporates understand this and support Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok to get quality time in the cars.

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